Global search provides a way for a user to search across seeds, assets, risks, and files. It is accessed with the search bar in the top right of the UI:

As you type in the search bar, Chariot performs a prefix search on the specified keyword across all entities in your account. Results are displayed beneath the bar, as follows:


The results are grouped by type. Clicking the section header will bring you to the respective list pre-filtered with your search term. In the image below, the user clicked on the Seeds (1 found) header from above:

Similarly, clicking a specific risk or asset from the search results opens the drawer for them:

Searching by risk status and severity

Risk status and severity can be searched as a combo in shorthand with two characters. The first character represents the risk's status:

  • Open as O
  • Rejected as R
  • Closed as C
  • Triage as T

The second character represents the risk's severity rating:

  • Info as I
  • Low as L
  • Medium as M
  • High as H
  • Critical as C

To search a given combo, type both status and severity as a two-letter shorthand. For example, to search for all Medium risks in the Closed status, type "CM". Similarly, High risks in the Open status can be found by typing "OH".

Here is an example of a search for all open critical-severity risks:


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