Throughout your Chariot subscription, you may require pentest reports, letters of attestation, or other documentation. Chariot also generates files automatically for certain risks. All of these files are stored in the Documents page, which is accessible from the profile menu:

Clicking on a card at the top of the page will filter the view by the respective card's type.

Proof of Exploit files

Proof of Exploit files are records of the detection rule and the network request-response pair for each discovered risk. Their document names take the pattern of <dns>/<scanner-template-ID>.

Upload documents

You can also upload documents to this list, by clicking the Upload Document action button at the top right.

Drag the files you wish to upload to the Add Files menu:

Your files will now be accessible through the UI under Manually Uploaded Files:


The Reports file type is reserved for pentest reports, letters of attestation, and other external deliverables requests from the Chariot managed services team. Please speak with your dedicated team contact to request any such deliverables.

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